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Q: Who can list jobs on

A: is open to anyone in the US who needs assistance with their home improvement tasks.


Q: Is it necessary to create a member account to list a job?

A: While it is not a requirement, having a member account can enhance your experience on It enables better communication with your service provider and provides access to additional features such as job tracking, receipts, invoices, and quicker payment options.


Q: How can I become a partner?

A: To become a partner, you can visit the "Become a Partner" page on From there, log in and proceed with the sign-up process.

Q: Who is eligible to become a partner?

A: welcomes individuals and businesses that are interested in serving the community through our job listing platform.

Q: Does verify the licenses and insurance of its partners?

A: Yes, before partnering with, all potential partners undergo a thorough review process. We check their websites, contact information, and assess their experience. Verification of licenses and insurance in their respective fields is a crucial part of our vetting process.

Q: Where should I make payments?

A: Payments can be made by visiting the "Make A Payment" page on or by going to It is important to note that all service payments must be made directly to We recommend avoiding cash payments to service providers unless you wish to provide a tip.


Q: With whom do customers sign a service agreement?

A: Before any service provider visits your home for an estimate or service, customers are required to sign a service agreement with The service agreement does not obligate customers to proceed with the service, but it ensures that customers are aware of and acknowledge the terms and conditions.

Q: Will professionals reach out to me to provide estimates?

A: Yes, in most cases, professionals will reach out to you to provide detailed and accurate estimates. However, for certain projects, it may be necessary for a professional to visit your location to provide a consultation and estimate.


Q: Are there charges for estimates?

A: If an estimate can be provided online, there is typically no charge. However, if a professional needs to visit your location for a consultation or estimate, there may be a fee. The specific amount for the estimate fee is determined by the service provider, and it should be paid directly to


Q: Does sell customer information?

A: No, does not sell customer information. We use your information solely within our network of partners to facilitate communication. However, in some cases, we may provide leads to our partners, which include job details and your contact information. This allows partners to provide rough estimates or quotes for your specific needs.

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