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How Assign Jobs To Partners

After Partners Job Request Application:

  1. When partners apply for a specific job, will receive their application and assess their qualifications and suitability for the job.

  2. will carefully review the partner's application and qualifications to determine if they are the right match for the job.

  3. If determines that the partner is a suitable match for the job, they will assign the job to the partner.

  4. Once assigned, will provide the partner with the necessary details of the customer, including their contact information and any specific requirements or instructions related to the job.

  5. The partner is expected to maintain confidentiality and professionalism regarding customer information and strictly use it for the purpose of fulfilling the assigned job.

  6. Partners are required to treat customer information with the utmost care and adhere to any applicable privacy and data protection regulations.

Customer Notification:

  1. will reach out to the customer to inform them that a service provider will be sent to their house.

  2. The purpose of this notification is to ensure that the customer is aware of the upcoming service visit and can make necessary arrangements.

Availability Confirmation:

  1. will either determine the customer's availability for the service provider to come or coordinate with the service provider to determine their availability.

  2. This step is essential to schedule a suitable date and time for the service or estimate.

Date and Time Agreement:

  1. Once the customer's availability and the service provider's schedule align, will inform the customer about the agreed-upon date and time for the service or estimate.

  2. This confirmation ensures that both parties are aware of the scheduled appointment.

Sharing Customer Details:

  1. will provide the assigned service provider with the customer's details, including their name, address, phone number, and email.

  2. This information is shared to facilitate communication and ensure that the service provider can reach the customer as needed.

Service Agreement:

  1. Before the service provider arrives, the customer is required to sign a service agreement with

  2. Signing the agreement does not obligate the customer to proceed with the service but serves as an acknowledgment of the terms and conditions.

Service Payment:

  1. All payments for the service must be made to

  2. Customers can make a payment on the website at

  3. The website will direct them to a secure payment portal to complete the transaction.

Service Provider Payments:

  1. Customers should not pay the service provider in cash unless they wish to provide a tip.

  2. All payments for the service itself must be made to

  3. This ensures streamlined payment processing and proper compensation for the service provider.

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